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Updated : Sep 09, 2020 in Health

Does skimmed dairy protect against obesity?

People who want to lose weight usually buy skim milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir and light buttermilk. But is that really a good decision?

Light dairy products versus research

Scientists from US have revealed some new information about Light dairy products. It turns out that the risk of becoming obese increases, and not decreases, if we choose skimmed dairy. It has also been proven that the consumption of Full-fat dairy products helps maintain adequate body weight.

This observation is confirmed by research carried out by a well-known European scientific journal: European Journal of Nutrition. Moreover, thanks to the research it has been proven that the bad effect of Full-fat milk on the circulatory system was also a myth. Why light products don’t meet expectations and bring the opposite effect to the intended one?

Fat milk good for losing weight

Fat from milk contains a substance that’s valuable for our health – Rumenic acid. Since its health-promoting properties have been discovered, this substance has been used to produce slimming and fat burning supplements. No surprise then, that people who eat Full-fat dairy products are less likely to be obese than those who choose light products. It’s possible that many other substances with slimming properties are also found in milk. Dairy contains over 400 types of fatty acids.

Fat doesn’t always mean unhealthy

If you want to maintain your optimal weight, buy whole milk. The same goes for cream, kefir and cheese. By eating light foods, you not only give up better taste, but you can also expose yourself to fat gain. Therefore, fat is not always unhealthy. On the other hand, you should be careful not to exaggerate – keep dairy products consumption on a fair level and don’t forget about vegetables, fruit and plant Origin products.

skimmed dairy

Why is it better to give up skimmed dairy products?

Light dairy products, while degreasing, are deprived of valuable nutrients, not only fat. The test results clearly demonstrate the close correlation between the consumption of skimmed dairy products and the risk of metabolic diseases, obesity, diabetes and even heart disease.

People who consume light products generally have elevated levels of “bad” cholesterol. The idea of light products, with a lower fat content, may work well with other food products, but when it comes to dairy products, it is definitely better to choose whole milk. At least, that’s what research suggests. Many dietitians and doctors, still don’t seem to be able to keep up with the latest scientific discoveries and recommend fat-free products to their patients who would like to get rid of excess weight.

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that consumption of high-fat dairy means a lower risk of developing diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Especially trans-palmitooleic acid, which is a Natural milk component, protects against diabetes. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases through the consumption of high-quality dairy products can significantly improve their health.

Full-fat dairy products reduce the risk of infertility!

Women who consume at least two servings of skim milk products a day are at greater risk of infertility than those who choose Full-fat dairy products. Why is this happening?

Fats found in milk and its products support the body in absorbing vitamins, besides, they are a rich source of not only vitamins (especially from the group D, A, K and B), but also minerals: calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.

It’s not worth giving up Full-fat dairy products in favor of skimmed counterparts. Unless your body doesn’t tolerate lactose – then products with lower fat content may even be recommended.

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