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Updated : Feb 05, 2020 in Health

How do products to quit smoking work?

Surely, every smoker thought at least once about quitting. Healthy lifestyle trends made smoking addiction even less popular. In the natural first reaction, those who wish to Get rid of the habit, reach for products available in pharmacies. It is therefore worth considering if those products are actually effective and how do they work.

Pills with nicotine – how do they work?

There are two types of products to quit smoking: those over the counter and the ones you get only with a prescription. Medicines that don’t require prescription usually contain one of those two active agents: nicotine or cytisine.

Majority of Pills for cigarette addicts available in pharmacies contain nicotine, and usually in pretty high doses. Therefore, the therapy’s principle is to replacing nicotine delivered to the organism while smoking a cigarette, with nicotine contained in the drug. Packaging of this meds is prepared in such a way that during the treatment, the dose of nicotine delivered to the body in pills gradually decreases.

The main addictive factor in cigarettes is quite so nicotine, which is why drugs containing this substance are intended to reduce the desire to smoke. In this way, the smoker is able to reduce and, in consequence, eliminate the addiction, which is in fact the addiction of organism to nicotine. Unfortunately, this method will not help you free yourself from smoking habits, especially since the nicotine itself is a substance that affects your brain and causes a feeling of pleasure. Hence the difficulties in getting rid of addiction.

Nicotine is more and more often used as so-called Nicotine replacement therapy. It consists in the fact that at the beginning of the therapy an addicted person takes higher doses of nicotine, and in the next stage the doses taken are gradually smaller. In a consequence, after controlling mental addiction, physical addiction also decreases. In such therapy, nicotine is taken in the form of tablets, chewing gums, inhalations or through the skin (patches). The treatment most commonly lasts several weeks.

products to quit smoking

Products with cytisine – an effective way to fight an addiction?

Cytosine is a substance that gives effects similar to nicotine, its influence on a brain is similar. Cytisine contained in smoking cessation products is to “cheat” the brain by pretending to be nicotine. It is a natural compound, which is isolated from a plant called common laburnum or golden chain.

Cytisine increases the release of adrenaline, also increases blood pressure and affects the respiratory center in the brain. Therefore, in pills it is contained in rather small amounts. Cytisine used in small doses reduces so-called craving for nicotine and reduces the typical symptoms of quitting. The use of cytisine is considered more effective because it does not involve the use of the substance that caused addiction in the first place: nicotine.

Moreover, cytisine blocks nicotinic receptors, reduces dopamine release, and thus reduces the pleasure associated with smoking. Cytisine is intended to reduce physical and psychological addiction to nicotine. However, taking Cytisine may cause side effects such as malaise, irritability or heartburn.

Prescribed medicines

Prescribed medicines contain substances that act similarly to those obtained without a prescription. However, these substances have stronger effects, they also bind to nicotinic receptors. Due to the intensive impact, taking these drugs is associated with the possibility of a Variety side effects, such as insomnia and unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms – diarrhea, vomiting, flatulence, as well as increased appetite, dry mouth and temporary flavors perception disorders.

Doctors also prescribe to cigarette addicted patients drugs, that are used to treat depression. They are designed to reduce the symptoms of abstinence. Those drugs improve well-being, and their effectiveness lasts for several weeks. Nevertheless, their intake is associated with the risk of side effects, including insomnia, excessive sweating and hypertension.

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