paracetamol during pregnancy

Updated : Jan 13, 2020 in Health

Paracetamol during pregnancy – is it okay to take and at what doses?

Is it okay to take Paracetamol during Pregnancy? Despite the Drug having been considered safe for a long time, there’s a growing concern these days about the side effects of taking it during that time.

Paracetamol during Pregnancy – is it okay to take?

During Pregnancy, every Drug should be taken with caution. It is necessary to carefully check if it is safe for women in this state. If there are any doubts about that, it is the best to consult a specialist on the topic. Obviously, some of the popular Drugs are very dangerous – sometimes even to the point of increasing the risk of miscarriage.

Paracetamol is available over the counter, one can buy it at any newsagent. It’s a guaranty of long-lasting effects – after taking this Drug, pain can be gone for up to 6 hours. On top of that, there has been a belief over the years that it is safe for Pregnant women. As it turns out, however, if we decide to take it during that time, it is necessary to exercise caution. When taken in inappropriate doses, it may harm the baby.

Paracetamol and headaches during Pregnancy

Pregnant women tend to take Paracetamol very often. It is one of the most effective remedies for headaches, which are a common occurrence during Pregnancy. Despite this condition usually not posing any threat, it might make daily functioning harder. A common response to that is to take fast, proven remedies. It is not always the right solution, though.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Pregnant women are doomed to deal with pain. When it comes to recurring headaches, very good results can often be achieved by a change of lifestyle – which means women are recommended to sleep more, go on walks and eat better. After such home-based therapy, Pregnant women can often forget about having to take painkillers.

paracetamol during pregnancy

Can Paracetamol be taken in the first trimester of Pregnancy?

Pregnant women shouldn’t take the Drug thoughtlessly. One should keep several important rules in mind that decrease the risk of negative impact on the child’s development.

Doctors recommend the lowest possible doses of Paracetamol over a very short period. The Drug should be taken as the last resort, when all home remedies fail.

A common question is whether the Drug can be taken in the first trimester. The specialists’ opinions are divided on that. Some say that the Drug can only be taken from the 4th month of Pregnancy.

Paracetamol during Pregnancy: could there be side effects?

Doctors warn that Paracetamol, when taken over too long a period and in too large quantities, may contribute to development of birth defects in the child.

The Drug is also suspected to be one of the causes of ADHD. Few years ago, a joint research on the topic was conducted by scientists from universities in California and Aarhus. Nearly 65 thousand women and their children were tested in this regard. The results indicated that the probability of disorders in a child increased with the Drug’s dose and the period of the mother taking it during Pregnancy.

Paracetamol during Pregnancy – what to keep in mind

If we choose to take the Drug during Pregnancy, we need to follow several rules:

  • doctors recommend taking the lowest doses possible,
  • the period of taking the Drug cannot be too long (28 days at most),
  • whether the Drug is safe for us in our case should be consulted with a doctor,
  • some of the specialists advise against taking Paracetamol before the 4th month of Pregnancy.

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