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Updated : Feb 18, 2020 in Health

Is it a good idea to replace sugar with xylitol?

Sugar is “white death” a drug and the cause of cavities – warn the doctors. They advise to substitute it with less harmful sweeteners. What are the numbers for Xylitol?

Sugar for everyday use

It is common knowledge that sugar can be replaced with different Types of sweeteners. But despite the alarming test results, plenty of consumers still refuse to quit it. Sugar is used to make pancakes, salads and cakes, as well as to sweeten coffee and tea. Could anyone even imagine a kitchen without sugar? What would homemade pastries taste like if sugar was replaced with natural sweetener for example?

Natural and Artificial sweeteners

The most basic classification divides sweeteners into Artificial and natural ones. The former are synthesized in laboratories; while the latter – they’re harvested from plants. One example of a synthetic sweetener is aspartame, which is used for manufacturing such things as bubble gum, candy and mints. Among natural sweeteners, there are three most popular: stevia, Xylitol and erythritol. Natural sweeteners are obviously healthier.

The titular Xylitol is considered to be the Healthiest substitute of white sugar. It is harvested from birch bark, which is why it also tends to be called birch sugar or syrup. It is one hundred times healthier than cane sugar, which used to be recommended by dietitians, before research showed that it doesn’t differ that much from white sugar. In term of the impact on body, Xylitol is an unmatched sweetener – and that’s why it costs so much. High price is the only downside of this sweetener. And probably one of the reasons why a large part of consumers still goes for the much cheaper sugar.

natural sweetener

The properties of Xylitol

Xylitol, unlike stevia for example, has a distinct taste. Which makes it a perfect addition to various meals. It’s a Great replacement for white sugar both when making homemade pastries as well as salads or sauces. It doesn’t weaken the immune system like sugar does, isn’t addictive and doesn’t cause cavities. What is more, it actually prevents them! Whereas consumption of white sugar contributes to tooth decay, Xylitol battles bacteria responsible for its development, as well as protects gums from harmful microorganisms. That is why certain toothpastes (the expensive ones) contain Xylitol in their composition.

Xylitol helps lose weight!

That’s not the end of the benefits that come with consuming Xylitol, though. Research has proven that this natural sweetener shows weight-loss properties. Which makes it a perfect product for everyone who cares about their figure and lives a healthy lifestyle. People with diabetes can also eat it without worries. Xylitol has much less calories than sugar (it is estimated that by more than a half), it also has a very low glycemic index. On top of that, Xylitol Boosts metabolism and cleanses the body from harmful substances and fungi.


The impact of Xylitol on human body has been thoroughly researched and so far, there haven’t been any negative effects detected that it could possibly cause. Xylitol seems to be so safe as a sweetener that the World’s Health Organization hasn’t even specified the permissible daily consumption for it (both sugar and salt have such dose specified). There are no contraindications, therefore, when it comes to consumption of Xylitol. One has to consume it in moderation, though. In large quantities, Xylitol may cause gas buildup in intestines, diarrhea and cramps. Those symptoms don’t last for long, though, usually going away after a few hours.

Xylitol makes a perfect replacement for white sugar. It has much less calories, helps lose weight, prevents cavities and gum diseases. On top of that, it tastes great. That’s why it’s a good idea to include it in your diet, while quitting sugar altogether.

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