Emollients for skin problems

Updated : Mar 05, 2021 in Health

What are emollients and how do they work?

Emollients are delicate, hypoallergenic cosmetics that effectively lubricate the epidermis and protect it from drying out, creating a protective layer on the skin. They are ideal for children, people with very dry skin, as well as people struggling with atopic dermatitis or psoriasis. What else is interesting about them?

What are emollients and how do they affect the skin?

Emollients are agents commonly used in cosmetics. They have regenerative, oiling and Moisturizing properties. While most of the products available on the market moisturize the epidermis only on the surface, emollients make the water retain in the deep layers of the skin. They are also very gentle on the epidermis. Additionally, they don’t clog pores and allow the skin to breathe freely. Emollients for skin problems: their use is mainly recommended for adults and children from the first day of life.

Emollients for atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease whose essence is the abnormal allergic reaction of the Skin’s immune system to a variety of antigens – both those that act directly on the skin and in distant regions. Contact with them triggers the production of immunoglobulin E, which binds to the skin’s immune cells, causing an inflammatory response.

Atopic dermatitis is accompanied by a violation of the integrity of the epidermal layer of the skin and loss of the protective lipid layer, which results in increased water loss through the skin and its drying, and facilitate the penetration of antigens into the deeper layers of the skin. We are also dealing with dysregulation of the immune system activity, which is expressed, inter alia, by the incorrect ratio of the number of lymphocytes promoting the inflammatory response to the number of lymphocytes limiting it, which results in increased inflammation of the skin.

The skin of people with atopic dermatitis is dry, thickened and itchy. It has erosions and blisters that are easily irritated, for example by scratching, which results in the formation of painful wounds and bacterial superinfections. The consequence is damage of the Epidermal barrier. Emollients contained in cosmetics will help rebuild it, among others by supplementing lipids, which in the case of AD are not enough. Emollients contain, among others, ceramides, which are natural components of lipids, urea, which has a high water absorption capacity, glycerin with hygroscopic properties, and natural vegetable oils that leave a greasy, protective film on the skin. Emollients have antipruritic effects thanks to PEA, which is a fatty acid component that reduces itching and the need for scratching.

Emollients for skin problems

Attention! Always read the ingredients carefully before purchasing such a product. There may be artificial dyes, preservatives or allergenic fragrances. Such cosmetics are best used 3 times a day. They are most effectively absorbed immediately after shower.

Emollients for atopic skin

Thanks to emollients, the condition of our skin will improve significantly in a short time. It will become much healthier and free of lumps, erosions or itching. The composition of this type of cosmetics should include, among others: coconut and saffron oil, which will rebuild the protective layer of the skin, oat extract with softening and Moisturizing properties or urea that effectively hydrates the epidermis.

Emollients in cosmetics

Emollients for atopic skin care can be found, among others, in nourishing and Soothing balms with thermal water and preventing irritation, which are rich in vitamin PP. Such cosmetics can also be in the form of a cream, ointment, emulsion, aerosol, oil, shampoo or bath product.

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