Updated : Mar 04, 2021 in Health

Cranberry: does it help with urinary tract infections or not?

It is recommended to eat cranberries for Urinary tract infections, due to its health-promoting properties. The research shows that cranberries will not help in every case.

Who suffers from Urinary tract infections?

Urinary tract infections are mostly affecting women; however it can affect men, but in much smaller degree. The cause of this state of things are the anatomical differences between both genders: women’s genitals are more prone to pathogenic bacteria getting inside the organism. The habitat of such bacteria is the anus area and the pathogens can be moved into the vagina e.g. through incorrect washing. Will cranberry help with Urinary tract infections?

What does the research show?

The researchers were interested in the effects of cranberries on the urinary tract functionality. The research results are unambiguous: cranberries have a positive effect on the bladder and the state of the urinary tract. Drinking cranberry juice regularly decreases the risk of developing an infection by as much as 60%. Cranberries are also a great remedy for all sorts of Bacterial infections and inflammations.

Due to its cleansing properties, it is an ingredient of many detoxing products, which cleanse the body of harmful substances. The research has also shown that cranberries do not acidify the urine, as it has been thought recently. The secret of its healthy effect is high amounts of proanthocyanidins – substances, which protect the bladder from the E. Coli bacteria.


Why is it worth dinking cranberry juice?

Bladder infections are especially troublesome. They manifest themselves through abdominal pain, Burning while urinating, going to the toilet often and Constant bladder pressure. All of those symptoms are caused mostly because of the E. Coli bacteria, coming from the large intestine. They get through the urethra and into the urinary system, due to incorrect hygiene, intercourse or other factors.

In order to minimise the risk of infection it is good to drink cranberry juice or take supplements that contain cranberries. People who often have Urinary tract infections should especially do that. In the case of infections that constantly return, it is not advised to take antibiotics, as they weaken the organism, which in turn leads to other infections. And that creates a vicious cycle.

The answer to the question in the title is indeed affirmative – cranberries do help with Urinary tract infections. It does not cause any side-effects, which cannot be said about antibiotics and other medication used. Cranberry starts having an effect on the body after two hours from consumption and the effect lasts for ten hours on average.

It’s important to stress that cranberry will most likely not help with serious infections, lasting a long time. In those cases, you should seek a medical professional’s advice.

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