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Updated : Feb 18, 2020 in Health

Contraceptive pills: are they causing cancer?

Many women use Birth control pills as a replacement for condoms, but the latest research shows that this is not without risk. What risks are there and whether it is worth using hormonal contraceptives – see below.

Contraceptive pills debut on the market

When the contraceptive pills first went on sale in the sixties, they made a real difference. Couples were delighted with this Form of contraception as it allowed them to fully enjoy the erotic experience. However, research over the years has shown that hormonal contraceptives are not without their effects on health. In particular, the condition of bones and blood clots. The relationship between the use of conceptual pills and cancer risk is still a matter of Scientific dispute. What does recent research say about this?

Hormonal contraception and breast cancer

Contraceptive pills contain artificial, synthetic oestrogens and progesterones, which are supposed to deceive the body. Although it has not yet released an egg (as it does every month), the pill’s effect is that the processes that usually occur after ovulation take place. This prevents fertilization.

However, processes that prevent pregnancy are not the only result of the contraceptive pill. Studies carried out by Boston scientists show that some women using Hormonal contraception were more exposed to breast cancer (up to 65%!) than women who did not protect themselves against pregnancy in this way. Sounds dangerous?

On the other hand, a report prepared by a prestigious institution, The New England Journal of Medicine, asks lies about the results of a study by Boston scientists. Moreover, other studies, carried out in many countries around the world, show unequivocally that regular use of Birth control pills reduces the risk of ovarian cancer by as much as 50%, as well as endometrial cancer (endometrial mucosa) by over 40%.

In view of these contradictory claims, great caution in the use of Hormonal contraception is recommended. Especially women from families where breast cancer is known to occur should seek advice from a specialist before taking contraceptive pills.

contraceptive pills

How else does Hormonal contraception affect your body?

The use of Hormonal contraception has an effect on your appearance. There is no doubt that Synthetic estrogen stimulates the female body to secrete SHBG protein – a substance that reduces testosterone concentration in blood. The higher the concentration of this hormone, the more sebum (a substance clogging the pores); and the more sebum, the higher the risk of pimples. Regular use of contraceptive pills therefore improves the condition of your skin.

Can you get fat from contraceptive pills?

Contraceptive pills produced in the past have in some cases caused rapid weight gain. Why? Because the amount of estrogen they contained was so high that the kidneys began to retain water in the body more than normal. The result was an instantaneous weight gain. On the other hand, the Synthetic estrogen also stimulated the growth of breast tissue, which resulted in an increased cup size.

Birth control pills currently available on sale have half the estrogen less than the original ones. However, this does not affect their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy – they give the same results. Recent studies, carried out with the participation of several hundred women taking the contraceptive pill, show that modern preparations do not increase body weight at all.

Hormonal contraception is still controversial in the scientific world. First of all because of its possible connection with breast cancer. Research is not clear on this issue. All that remains is to wait for the results of further, more and more perfect research, which will Dispel all doubts.

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