work after maternity

Updated : Mar 04, 2021 in Health at work

How to take care of young mothers at a workplace?

Young mothers do not have it easy in the job market. Maternity leave has a set number of days and upbringing matters take up a significant amount of energy. What can an employer do in order to make this difficult period of time easier for the employed woman?

A difficult return to work after childbirth

Overall, returning to work after maternity leave is quite difficult. It requires a compromise between work responsibilities and the parental challenges. Not all women manage well. Some of them resign from work after some time in order to raise their children. How to make it easier for a young mother to find herself in this new situation? What can an employer do in order to make returning to work after maternity leave easier?


Labour and childbirth have a major impact on the woman’s body and can lead to many health problems. Those issues sometimes show after many months or even years. That is why after maternity leave it us worthwhile to have a multitude of check-ups, especially if the job is demanding and causes stress. The check-ups allow them to evaluate the body’s condition and the ability to perform work-related duties. The cause of many illnesses has no visible signs in its initial stages, hence why mood can be the deciding factor.

What should the employer remember?

From the employer’s point of view, the most important thing in this situation is providing the employee Access to health clinics. Group insurance, which includes all employees at the company, seems like the best solution. The employees covered with group insurance, including the mothers returning to work after maternity leave, have access to check-ups, tests and consultations with various medical professionals.

work after maternity

The rights of mothers returning from maternity leave

Women, who are expecting a baby and are employed on a contract basis, are guaranteed legal protection. At least that is the case in most European countries and in the United States. The employer cannot fire an employee just because they are pregnant. The duration of the maternity leave is determined by the rules and regulations. After the maternity leave, the so called ‘protection period’ expires, however, that does not mean that the employer has the right to terminate the contract of an employed woman.

There were many cases publicised in media. When the case landed in court, the verdict was usually in the favour of the fired employee. The termination of the contract by the employer in those cases is seen as a form of discrimination. In many countries, the employee who is raising a child which is not 4 yet, can be forced to work overtime. The same thing applies when it comes to delegating an employee from the usual workplace – this needs to be Approved by the employee.

How to make it easier for a young mother to return to work?

The employer, caring for the young mother’s physical and mental wellbeing may offer remote work. Many more companies accommodate young mothers and take this approach. Statistics show that women who raise their children and work remotely do not have worse results than those who commute to the workplace every day. The key thing here is the management of time and energy.

If remote work seems too risky for the employer, there are other options. The work times can be made more flexible in order to make her able to Compromise the work and parenting duties. Another option is to change the type of employment, e.g. from full to part-time. Gradual increase in the number of hours may make it much easier for a young mother to adjust to the new situation.

The happiness and wellbeing of workers translates into the firm’s efficiency. That is why it is worthwhile to accommodate young mothers and make the difficult time of returning to work after maternity leave easier for them. From one perspective it can be seen as future investment.

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