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Updated : Mar 05, 2021 in Health at work

How to organize an open space office?

Working in an open space is now almost a standard. This form of office design has its supporters and opponents. If you are wondering how to Arrange the interiors in your company, this article is for you.

What is open space?

In the context of office spaces, open space office is a large open area with rows of several dozen or even several hundred desks or tables connected to each other, forming a multi-station work system. The concept of open space was born in the late nineteenth century in the US. On a bigger scale, it began to be used in the ‘90s of the last century.

Its main advantages include:

  • facilitated communication between employees from various departments – efficient document flow and direct exchange of ideas and opinions influence the improvement of work pace,
  • reducing the cost of renting and maintaining space by approximately 20%,
  • maximum use of available space,
  • the ability to quickly rearrange or “thicken” desk Configurations as needed.

Advantages of working in an open space office

Open space has both its supporters and opponents. However, the advantages of office work in open space include, above all, ease and speed of communication. By passing other people every day, it’s easier to integrate with them. Sometimes you can also see what other people are working on and give someone an interesting solution or get advice on your Own project. In the case of such arrangement of space, everyone has the same (or similar) working conditions. No one feels aggrieved/distinguished because they have to sit in another – smaller or larger room.

Properly organized space

Open space is becoming more and more like a classic office space with a traditional division into rooms. Its surface is interwoven with various walls, cabinets for documents, shelves with binders, which create separate working zones. Among the desks we find so-called energy points – places where employees can make coffee without having to go to the kitchen, sit Comfortably in a soft chair and take a break from work. Increasingly, plants are used to divide the open space, creating vivid green walls.

Broad communication routes

The regulations specify the minimum width of passages that ensure free movement around the open space at 0. 6 m for one-way traffic and 1 m for two-way traffic.

open space office

Monitor 15 inches away from your face

The Distance between monitors at adjacent stands must not be less than 23 inches. On the other hand, in the case of people working opposite to each other, the Distance between the employee and the back wall of the neighbor’s monitor is min. 31 inches.


To be able to take full advantage of the advantages of open space, you should first organize it well. A properly designed and arranged open space office provides employees with the necessary space to properly perform their duties, access to light and ventilation; enables efficient communication and cooperation between individual departments and teams of employees; Reduces the negative impact of nuisances related to work in an open space environment, which leads to reduced efficiency and deterioration of Well-being.

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