occupational diseases in beauticians

Updated : Mar 16, 2021 in Health at work

Occupational diseases in beauticians – what puts a beautician’s health at risk?

Plenty of people mostly associate the concept of health and safety with manufacturing jobs. Different kinds of risk, however, await everyone, even those working seemingly safe jobs. In the below article we are going to explain what beauty salon risks their employees are exposed to.

Hygiene above all

What are occupational diseases in Beauticians? In a perfect world, a visit to a beauty parlor would only mean relax and quality time. There’s a lot of talk, however, about the risks that concern the clients of beauty salons. Having a cut at a salon is one of the most common risks that might lead to getting infected with the HCV virus. It causes hepatitis C, a disease that is very dangerous to health. That’s what makes the hygiene at the workplace so important for beauty salons. One should pay particular attention to it. It doesn’t matter if we are customers or employees of the salon.

It is worth remembering that infectious diseases in a beauty parlor are easy to spread if we don’t take adequate safety measures. That’s why it is so important for the Beautician to get prepared for the procedure: get the workstation carefully cleaned, disinfect the reusable tools and prepare adequately secured disposable instruments. Properly chosen disposable articles and maintaining the hygiene guarantee safety of providing the service and eliminate the risk of infection, both for the client and the person performing the procedure.

Occupational diseases in Beauticians

When doing their job, Beauticians are at risk of getting infected with disease-causing microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi). The risk is present during direct contact with the client’s skin. On top of that, there might be a potential threat to health in the preparations used in parlors. They might cause allergic reactions and sensitivities.

occupational diseases in beauticians

Among the most common diseases reported by beauty salon employees are:

  • infectious diseases of skin, mostly manifesting themselves through rashes,
  • infectious diseases of upper airway, mouth and throat,
  • infectious diseases of skin and hair, especially purulent and parasitic diseases, like scabies or pediculosis.

Due to the possibility of direct contact with clients’ blood, Beauticians are also at risk of getting infected with the HCV virus. In fewer cases (which doesn’t mean it should be trivialized) it is also possible to get infected with the HIV virus. It leads to the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Ergonomic workstation for a Beautician

One should also remember that most tasks performed by beauty salon employees require spending prolonged time in a forced position. Which in turn might lead to acquired postural defects. Fort that reason, the ergonomics are crucial in the profession of Beautician. It is essential to provide the employees with adequately adapted workspace. Adequate, comfortable chairs, tabletop height adjusted to the employee’s height and placing the most commonly used items within reach are solutions that help minimize the damage caused by long-term strain on the body.

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