The basic principle

Updated : Mar 16, 2021 in Health at work

The basic principle of healthy lifestyle at work

Even a desk job that takes place in front of a computer can put a strain on the spine, increase the risk of obesity, or expose to negative consequences of stress.
In order to maintain physical agility and good well-being for as long as possible, it’s a good idea to live a healthy lifestyle at work: eating regularly, healthy meals, limiting caffeine, remembering about the right posture.

Learn to properly sit in front of the computer

One of the most common health problems of a modern employee are spine problems. Spinal disc herniations and degenerative issues are mostly related to not getting a fitting chair and not sitting in front of the computer properly. Get a chair that matches your body shape, sit dynamically, set the monitor at the right angle.

During lunch break, do stretching exercises and whenever possible, try to leave the computer desk as often as you can. If it’s possible, work in a standing position once in a while.

Healthy lunch

We often don’t pay attention to what we eat at work, explaining ourselves with not having time, having a lot to do, all while promising ourself a “decent” meal after work. That’s a mistake. First and foremost, we should eat regularly, and having a lunch at work is an absolute necessity if we want to work efficiently for the rest of the day and to still have power left for private life after work.

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to have a breakfast before even leaving home. The theory is that the first meal should be provided to the body half an hour after waking up. Then after a few hours, we should have a lunch or salad we prepared ourselves the previous day.

Between meals we should drink water, green tea or fruit juices. It’s easy to get dehydrated at offices that are air conditioned in the summer and overly heated in the winter.

Ensure good well-being

Workplace stress is seen as something normal these days, but being constantly exposed to it poses a risk of many serious diseases. What to do in order to minimize the negative impact of it? First we need to remember that everyone is different and responses to stress differently, like because of their personality traits or competences and skills acquired earlier in life.

The basic principle

The easiest way is to find the source of stress and try to eliminate it.

If it’s not possible, we need to learn how to deal with such situations. One possible way could be doing sports, which constitutes a perfect way to cope with negative emotions. When we need to relax, it might be useful to know the principles of meditation or yoga.

It’s a good idea to remember about small pleasures in life and to find at least a moment for your interests and passions, which will bring you a lot of joy and allow you to distance yourself from the stressful situations at work.

Find time for exercise

Take a break from work once an hour, get up and do some stretching exercises in order to relax your arms and shoulders, do several deep bends and energetic twists of the torso to take some load off the spine. It is especially likely during the summer for legs to swell after a few hours of sitting at desk. In such case it’s a good idea to take a few minute walk around the office – the movement will improve blood circulation.

On top of that, people who work sedentary jobs should remember about physical activity. After leaving the office, it is recommended to do sports: swimming, running, fitness, or simply a bike ride or a brisk walk.

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