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Updated : Feb 20, 2020 in Health at work

Group health insurances for generations X, Y, Z

There are three generations on the job market today: X, Y and Z. Each of them struggles with different health problems, which should be taken into account by employers who manage over staffs of different ages. A group health insurance in such company should cover a package of basic consultations and preventive examinations adequate to each age group.

What should be included in a group health insurance for employees? Does their age diversity play a significant role here?

What to pay attention to when choosing the offer?

It’s a good idea to go for health insurance offer that doesn’t just cover the legally required periodic exams and checkups but also Preventive programs for employees. Under such program, an employee has the option of getting medical consultations and exams that help diagnose illnesses that occur the most in a particular age group.

Offers with Preventive programs for employees are an investment in the company’s development, as they prevent future absences caused by sick leaves. Providing the employees with comprehensive health care proves to be a cost-effective and beneficial solution for the company in the long run.

Generation X

These are people born between 1960 and the early 1980s. They make a large part of the general employed population. They tend to have high professional skills and more dutiful approach to their job than the younger generations, which is why employers are eager to hire them. Typical health problems in this age group are cardiac and oncological problems. Therefore, a group health insurance should include consultations with doctors who specialize in the following: cardiologist, oncologist, gynecologist and urologist.

Another important thing is preventive USG and EKG tests as well as cancer marker level tests. The advantage of group insurances are additional service packages that the employees can use in case they get sick. The list of such services includes, among others, remote cardiac care and oncological psychologist’s help.

health insurance

Generation Y (millennials)

The generation Y means people born between the early 1980s and 2000. Statistics show that millennials are more likely to experience health problems than their parents (a lot of data indicates that this generation is going to live shorter than the one before it). For that reason, providing millennials at the company with comprehensive health care is very important.

Choosing the right insurance that includes all the Essential service packages minimizes the risk of protracted absences caused by health problems, which might paralyze the company’s regular operation. Over a half of millennials struggle with problems of neurological, oncological or orthopedic (faulty postures) nature. Which makes it a good idea to make sure that generation Y employees have easier access to constant neurological and orthopedic care.

Generation Z

Which means people born after 2000. That’s the youngest generation on the job market, constituting the smallest percentage of all employees. Based on the available statistics, one could say that the members of generation Z take better care of their health than millennials. On the other hand, they mostly live a sedentary lifestyle due to their intense use of new technologies. This results in problems related mostly to eyesight and spine. Therefore, the group health insurance should include preventive oculist and orthopedic exams.

If you hire members of Different generations at your company, make sure that each age group has the ability to use health care that suits their needs. It will result in a smaller number of sick leaves, which will translate to better functioning of the company.

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