Feng shui in the office

Updated : Mar 04, 2021 in Health at work

Feng shui in the office, or how to take care of good health and well-being of your employees?

The interior decor of an office, the placement of elements of furniture and equipment in relation to one another, presence of plants and other such factors have an impact on good health and well-being of employees. Why it’s a good idea to arrange your office according to the principles of feng shui can be read below.

What is feng shui?

Feng shui is an Ancient Chinese knowledge of interior arrangement. The principles of feng shui find their uses not only in living space arrangements, but also in arranging of work spaces, as well as of all the other interiors of secular or religious nature. Despite the ongoing disputes on the status of feng shui – as it is a field considered to be a legitimate branch of science by some and pure clairvoyance by others – there is still a growing number of entrepreneurs applying its principles to the arrangement of their work spaces. Feng shui in the office – what are the principles?

According to numerous experts, the correlation between the health or well-being and the interior decor of spaces where we spend most of our time is evident. According to this logic, an adequate, ergonomic arrangement can improve creativity and performance of employees, as well as their overall health. Poorly arranged spaces, on the other hand, may actually increase the risk of different illnesses and have a bad impact on functioning of the company. So maybe it’s a good idea to arrange your office in the Spirit of feng shui and see for yourself whether the ancient Chinese recommendations were right?

What is the Chi energy?

According to the Feng shui philosophy, all the elements, shapes and colors make an external manifestation of the Chi energy, which in itself is something imperceptible, but it does cause strictly defined consequences. In other cultures outside of the Asian region, these have different names: in India for example, it is prana, in Japan it is ki, and in Europe – the point zero energy.

Chi runs through channels (the so-called meridians), within which the electric charges oscillate between the positive and negative pole (Yin and Yang). In order to improve the quality of our life, it’s a good idea to cleanse the Chi energy flow in our surroundings and remove the obstacles that may stay in the path. That’s what the theoretical basics of feng shui boil down to, very roughly speaking.

Someone inquisitive may ask: since the Chi energy is invisible, how can we know how it travels? The answer to that question can be found in the external forms of nature, in urban spaces, in constellations of colors we are surrounded with. Grassy meadows may serve as an example of a place saturated with the Chi energy; barren fallows on the other hand have a very low chi level. Chi travels in gentle arches, livening up its surroundings.

Feng shui in the office

The principles of feng shui in the office

The center of the office should always remain empty so that the Chi energy can freely travel around the surroundings. The designated work area should be square or rectangle shaped. Regular space ensures an Optimal energy flow. Columns, partition walls and dividers only block it. The desks should be arranged so that the people sitting at them have a wall behind themselves, with their faces towards the entrance door.

It is also a good idea to Avoid the so-called poisoned arrows, which are the edges of desk tops, cabinets and other furniture or equipment pointing at the employees. Another serious inconvenience might be buildings and scaffoldings outside the windows. In order to neutralize their harmful impact on our health and well-being, we may put a potted plant or some other decorative item on the windowsill, or alternatively cover the windows with blinds.

Feng shui is not just about the arrangement of individual pieces of furniture and interior decor. The source literature also contains guidelines on how to organize the desk surface. For example, the upper left corner should be reserved for a decorative plant or a valuable item, like a porcelain figure or vase. The upper middle part is the “career zone”, which is the place for calling cards, a plate with the name and position. The upper right corner is perfect for a picture of a loved one. If we don’t have one, we can place a vase with flowers.

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