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Updated : Jan 28, 2020 in Health at work

Eating at your desk – a habit that needs to change

Many workers have lunch in front of their computers even several times a week. We think we have too much work, and there is no time to leave the room or the computer. We prefer a quick snack over the keyboard, often inattentively, but it gives us the impression that we “keep tabs on things”. However, is eating at your desk a good habit? Not really! Why is it worth having your meal in a different room?

Eating at the desk – a workplace habit

Workers often don’t even think about the fact that they could have a meal in the kitchen, canteen or another designated area. Most companies have no problem with workers eating somewhere else and it’s not necessary to stay at the desk, yet we still choose them as the best place to do that.

Most often, we simply blame it on work overload; after all, during lunch we can read something, catch up on emails, etc.

We also often imitate our colleagues who hardly ever get up from their desks all day. So why should you stop eating at your desk?

Does eating at your desk increase your productivity?

Since eating at our desks allows us to do other things at the same time, is it possible to say that it increases employee productivity? Although it may seem that way, more and more research conducted among workers claims something completely different. Firstly, we deny ourselves a moment to take a breath, break away from our daily activities, rest, and “clean our head space”, thus, at some point, we work more slowly and become less creative.

eating at your desk

Stop eating at your desk!

Why is it worth replacing your desk at lunchtime a few times a week with a kitchen, another room or just leaving the office if you have the opportunity?

  • We can have some rest
    Everyone needs to rest. It’s impossible to work effectively without any break. We need to let ourselves breathe and clean our head space. Leaving our desks will make us Focus on eating, which in most cases is a real pleasure; it will be a much-needed moment of relaxation for us. Thanks to that, after returning to the desk, we will probably work more efficiently, regain energy, be more creative, and our Concentration problems will diminish.
  • We eat more attentively
    Eating at the desk while multitasking makes us eat less mindfully; we actually don’t know when we are already finished with the meal. We don’t pay attention to whether the food we’re eating gives us energy or on the contrary – makes us feel sluggish and sleepy.
  • We enjoy the food
    As already mentioned above, we’re not even fully aware what we’re putting into our mouths while eating at the desk. This is why we don’t enjoy the food, although it should be a pleasure for us. Having meals away from the desk will make us focus on this activity and it will be a real treat for us.
  • Our spine can get some rest
    Many workers spending hours at the desk every day experience back problems. We forget to get up from time to time, and move a little; we get back pains and can’t find a comfortable position after a few hours. Moving away from the desk for a meal helps stretch our legs, walk around a bit, and give our spines a little rest.
  • We can get time for non-work related conversations
    Sharing mealtime away from the desk can Improve relationship with co-workers and enable talking about things unrelated to work. We can make friends over meals, and as it’s commonly known, good atmosphere and relationship with colleagues are very important to us, increase our productivity and motivation to work.
  • The farther from the desk, the fewer bacteria
    Many of us don’t realize how many bacteria are on our desks and keyboards. We also tend to forget to wash our hands before a meal, or eat while using the keyboard.


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