Safe renovation of the house

Updated : Mar 05, 2021 in Health at home

Safe renovation of the house

Following simple safety rules during home renovation, proper equipment and the ability to use it, a bit of knowledge, a clear head and patience are essential if we want to enjoy the process and its results. How to safely renovate the house?

Safe renovation of the house: how to dress?

In order to carry out a renovation, you need the right equipment, a bit of expertise and a lot of patience. Let’s start the renovation by choosing the right workwear.

  • An old pair of Sturdy jeans and a buttoned Flannel shirt with long sleeves will do great. The long sleeves will protect your arms during various jobs, and the solid buttons will prevent the sleeves from getting caught up in power tool components. Another suitable item of clothing are the boycott or dungaree type of trouser, which offer plenty of room for small tools and materials in numerous pockets.
  • It is recommended to wear Sturdy footwear during home renovations as well. Let’s eliminate the idea of flip flops or sandals immediately. Strong work shoes with an anti-slip sole, a metal plate to protect your toes in the event of a heavy object falling and a stiff upper are optimal. However, if we do not own such boots, let’s make sure that our “civil” work shoes are quite durable, well lined and most of all, comfortable.
  • Protective gloves – made of cloth or rubber – are a very wise solution if construction chemicals such as adhesives, plasters, paints or gypsum are used during home renovation. They will effectively protect the skin of our hands against harmful effects of various substances. However, the use of gloves when using power tools with cutting blades is not recommended. There is a risk of the gloves getting caught in them.
Safe renovation of the house

How to protect your eyesight and hearing during renovation work

The use of ventilated, non-steaming goggles or safety goggles is a very good solution, and this applies to most domestic repair work. They will be useful during forging, filling, sanding as well as cutting or milling.

Another recommended form of protection during renovation is the use of noise-cancelling Earphones or ear plugs (stoppers), which we use for work that exposes us to long-lasting and troublesome noise, such as forging, cutting or sanding. The last element of protective equipment is a helmet. We are often unaware of the many advantages of using it, especially during work at height, demolition, tasks requiring a ladder or small scaffolding.

Securing interiors

It is also extremely important to prepare your home for renovation: floor protection will help prevent scratches when moving tools or packages of building material. Plastic foil secured with painting tape will prevent paint splashes from getting all over the place and help prevent traces of renovation that are often difficult to remove. On the other hand, proper room ventilation while maintaining the temperatures recommended during work with construction substances, is advised during sanding or painting jobs.

During renovation works we should pay special attention when using power tools. Above all, common sense is needed here. It is important to read the instruction manual, and in the case of more complicated devices, contact a specialist or take advantage of the Extensive online knowledge, also available in the form of videos. On the other hand, working on electrical installations is usually complicated and requires not only knowledge, but also focus and a fresh mind. In this case, we should be as cautious as possible – it is often better to call a professional than to risk an incident.

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