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Effective home remedies for rhinitis

Persistent rhinitis is, next to cough and sore throat, an ailment that effectively makes daily functioning difficult. That’s why, during the first few days of rhinitis, when it’s not accompanied by other symptoms, we may try to alleviate it on our own. Find out how to quickly get rid of rhinitis using home Remedies.

Nothing better for rhinitis than an inhalation Therapy.

An irreplaceable way to deal with rhinitis is an inhalation Therapy. It consists of inhaling a steaming brew, often herb-based. This type of treatment allows to clear the airway, mitigate the irritation of mucous membrane and to dilute the accumulated mucus.

It might be performed using a nebuliser, as well as by putting a few drops of an essential oil or a herbal infusion in a bowl and inhaling the steam through nose, then exhaling through mouth.

Such homemade inhalation Therapy, when we add thyme oil, has antibacterial properties, and if we add chamomile, it has anti-inflammatory properties, then when we add sage oil, it makes it easier for mucus to leave sinuses.

They make a good solution as they can be used from the first year of life and they work just as well when the rhinitis is yellow, or when it’s watery, slimy, white, sticky and green.

Garlic, onion, raspberry juice

Another home remedy for rhinitis is garlic and onion. That’s because they contain natural substances with antiviral properties, which is why they can help us get rid of annoying rhinitis faster. And that’s why it’s a good idea to have a chopped garlic clove everyday or several onion slices on a sandwich, which will help us get well faster.


Another home remedy against rhinitis is drinking hot tea. We should put real raspberry juice in it, as it has warming and sudorific properties. It’s also a good idea to always add a slice of lemon to our tea, since it has antiviral properties after all.

Once we feel mucus building up in our nose, we need to clear it as soon as possible. To make blowing our nose as effective as possible, we should blow our nostrils alternately: cover the right nostril when blowing the left one and vice versa.

Home Remedies for a Runny nose

Runny nose takes form of watery mucus inside nose, which mostly occurs as a result of viral infections of upper airway or as a symptom of allergic rhinitis. When a Runny nose is a result of a viral infection, it’s a good idea to turn to home Remedies for a Runny nose.

One of the basic natural ways of dealing with a Runny nose is adequate nasal hygiene, which is flushing and cleaning the nose. A great thing for flushing the nose is a saline solution and seawater in form of a nasal spray. Those substances not only clear the nose but also remove micro-organisms.

Another thing used to treat infection-based rhinitis is different kinds of nasal drops that reduce the swelling of mucosa. When treating a Runny nose, it’s a good idea to remember about adequate diet rich in vitamins and micro-elements, especially including vitamin C.

Other home Remedies for a Runny nose are air humidification and hydrating the body. Marjoram ointment will also come in handy, as it not only clears the nose but also prevents inflammations and sooths irritated mucosa.

An essential element of dealing with a Runny nose is an inhalation treatment, both milder ones involving salt solutions and ones with essential oils added in the right proportions (so that they don’t irritate the nasal mucosa). The most popular oils used for inhalation treatments are eucalyptus oil, menthol oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil and thyme oil.

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