nigella oil

Updated : Mar 16, 2021 in Health at home

Nigella oil – properties and applications

The nigella oil has been in use since the ancient Egypt. It is still popular to this day thanks to its valuable Health-promoting properties in treatment of many ailments, such as cancer for example. It’s a valuable oil that is also appreciated in the cosmetic industry.

Nigella oil – general information

The nigella oil is obtained by pressing the seeds of nigella sativa. It origins from Egypt. Classified as a fast-drying oil, it has a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is honey-colored or dark-brown. It produces a very intense, spicy aroma.

Its lifespan right after opening the bottle is about 4 months. We should keep in mind, though, that it shouldn’t be heated in any way. Its composition includes phospholipids and phytosterols.

Nigella oil – the properties

Nigella is a plant in the ranunculaceae family and it has many valuable properties:

  • antihistamine action – the nigella oil helps in desensitizing therapies,
  • it supports the respiratory system, which is very important for asthmatics – one should keep in mind, though, that in such case the dosage should be prescribed by a specialist,
  • it has a positive impact on the digestive system, curing different kinds of ailments – bloating, catarrh, excessive gases. Nigella also brings a significant relief to our liver,
  • anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial action – it helps battle tapeworms and pinworms,
  • nigella, thanks to containing tymochinon, promotes growth of numerous immune cells,
  • anti-diabetic action – it lowers the blood glucose level, especially in people with type 2 diabetes,
  • it helps maintain the right blood pressure
  • regenerative action,
  • anti-cancer action – research shows that the oil helps kill cancer cells.

According to many scientists, the nigella oil reduces the risk of getting liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, colon cancer.

nigella oil

It is also recommended to use the nigella oil for poor hair condition. It gives us a chance to strengthen it. It is also a good idea to use oil rubs if we notice increased hair loss or if we want to counteract balding.

Nigella oil – the Contraindications

It is a substance that doesn’t show any side effects. However, doctors advise against using this oil on children under the age of 3. Pregnant women should consult using it with their attending physician.

The excess of nigella might lead to severe headaches, nausea, itchy Skin.

Nigella oil – the Applications

The nigella oil has a wide area of Applications. To counteract its bitter aftertaste, one could drink juice with it, like raspberry juice for example. On top of that, the oil can be added to different kinds of dishes, which spices up their flavor.

The nigella oil is a good thing to use in the event of, among other things, Skin inflammations, such as acne or atopic dermatitis. On top of that, the oil can also come in handy if we have very sensitive Skin. The nigella oil contains antioxidants with a large amount of vitamin A and E.

The nigella oil also helps moisturize our Skin, regenerate the epidermis and soften it. Scientists recommend the oil for scars. It shows lightening and softening properties, which makes scars much less visible. It is also recommended for sunburns.

The nigella oil is also referred to as the “pharaohs’ gold” due to its cosmetic properties. It is recommended to mature women for improving the oval of their face and coloration of their Skin. Long-term use of the oil will restore glow to the Skin of our face.

We should remember, though, that ingesting the nigella oil should be consulted with a doctor, who will provide the most accurate opinion on that.

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