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Are homemade remedies effective against lice?

Store bought lice remedies can cause side effects. Some recipes for homemade remedies passed from generation to generation remain a Common alternative. But are they really effective?

Where do lice come from?

Head lice are one of the parasitic diseases that definitely require solid treatment. Many people still see it quite stereotypically – as something embarrassing. However, it doesn’t have to be a result of hygiene neglect. Head lice move from person to person, most often affecting children due to frequent presence in large groups: at school, kindergarten or summer camps.

Lice are promoted by Close physical contact, using the same items (e.g. hairbrushes, hairpins, combs). You can also get lice from animals. Head louse is the bane of many hostels and dingy hotels. That is why it is better to pay more sometimes and avoid unpleasant feeling after a night on an infected mattress.

How to deal with lice?

The offer when it comes to treatment for lice is extremely rich. It’s just that not everyone can afford expensive treatments. A significant amount of these types of products can also cause side effects, especially for allergists with very sensitive skin. So how to deal with head lice when we cannot or do not want to use curation from a store?

Homemade remedies are a very Good solution. They are safe for health and used for generations. Unlike many chemical agents, they don’t cause side effects. Due to their advantages, they can be a helpful complement to head lice therapy. Although it should be emphasized that so far, they haven’t been devoted to any reliable scientific research. Therefore, science doesn’t confirm the effectiveness of Home treatment. Although, Internet users do – as it’s clear after checking just a few discussion forums, that according to many, the homemade remedies help the most.

How long does it take?

Store products have one important advantage: you just need to use them, you don’t have to bother with any preparations. Meanwhile, making a good cure can be time consuming. In addition, usually we have to wait a bit to see effects, unlike chemical agents from the store that work nearly immediately. For many people, Self-made products are healthier and incomparably more effective. Most probably you have majority of the ingredients needed to prepare louse cure already in your kitchen.

head lice

Apple vinegar

This is one of the most effective lice killers. It prevents them from clinging to their hair, lice dry and fall off as a result of Contact with vinegar. Spirit vinegar works similarly, but it is not recommended to use it because it can irritate the scalp. It is worth reaching for it only when apple cider vinegar fails to work. Apple cider vinegar rinse is prepared by mixing it with warm water in a 1: 1 ratio. The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the hair thoroughly several times a day until the last lice is killed. It takes about a week.

Mayonnaise for lice

Rubbing mayonnaise in your hair is also a good way to get rid of lice. In this way, you will deprive the parasites of access to oxygen – after some time they should suffocate. To achieve a better effect, put a foil cap on your head. This treatment should last at least a few hours, preferably all day. In the evening, wash your hair thoroughly and comb the lice away with a comb.

Essential oils for lice

The treatment with essential oils (lavender, coconut, anise, jasmine, eucalyptus and tea tree) is much faster. These oils have an insecticidal effect and lice hate their smell. A few drops of essential oil should be mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil and rubbed into the hair. After forty minutes, you can wash the lotion. Finally, don’t forget to brush the lice from your hair!

Homemade lice rinses are a great alternative to store products that may not suit everyone. They are equally effective, and do not irritate the scalp and allow you to get rid of the troublesome problem in a natural and safe way.

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