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Updated : Feb 12, 2020 in Health at home

A humidifier for the apartment: what to take into account when shopping?

In certain households, a humidifier is a must, especially during the fall and winter seasons. Why it’s a good idea to get yourself such device and what to take into account when choosing one can be read below.

The impact of dry air in the apartment on health

If the windows have no trickle vents, the air inside the apartment becomes dry during the heating period. Hot radiators significantly lower the indoor humidity, which does not remain without impact on the health of residents. One of the first and most noticeable signs of too low humidity is dried mucosa. It makes it easy to get a respiratory tract infection. The throat and nose mucosa plays an important role – it protects the body from harmful bacteria, viruses, dust and mold.

Its surface is covered by millions of tiny lashes that prevent foreign bodies from entering the respiratory tract. In order for mucosa to do its job properly, though, it has to be wet – in hot interiors with dry air, the movements of lashes stop. Regular ventilating may not be enough. That’s why it’s a good idea to get yourself a good quality humidifier.

Humidity level inside the apartment

Mucosa humidity is directly related to air humidity. During winter, the humidity in a tightly shut apartment may drop to as low as 10% (mucosa dries up by the time it’s down to 40%). Popular home remedies to improve humidity, which are hanging wet towels on the radiator or drying laundry inside the most occupied rooms, give minuscule results. The impact on air humidity is also very limited in case of the so-called evaporators – water-filled vessels hung on radiators. A much more effective solution is an air humidifier.

good quality humidifier

Types of humidifiers

There are three types of humidifiers available on the market: steam-based (the traditional ones), evaporative and Ultrasound-based. A steam-based humidifier produces warm water vapor under pressure; an evaporative one only differs from it in the expelled steam having a neutral temperature; an ultrasound humidifier, on the other hand, sprays the water in form of light mist.
Which of those humidifiers to choose? Which will be the most effective?

Speaking in favor of steam-based and evaporative humidifiers is the safety of use. They don’t cause any allergic reactions. Ultrasound humidifiers may cause undesirable symptoms in some people that are characteristic to allergies. The bigger the device’s power, and the bigger the volume of the water tank – the better. The most efficient humidifiers are the ones with a power of 400 W. They obviously cost more, but they humidify more effectively than the ones with a power of 20 W. The water tank volume matters here in the way that the bigger it is, the less frequently we need to refill it. For example, a five-liter tank in a 40 W humidifier will run out after about 16 hours since turning it on.

Pay attention to the filters and other elements

Humidifiers can have different types of filters. The greatest popularity is enjoyed by devices with circulatory and water-decalcifying filters, which allow the water particles to be spread evenly in the air. Next to the filters, another important element of every humidifier is the power level controller and the hygrometer – a device that measures air humidity in a room. A hygrometer ensures optimal operation of a humidifier.

Once you decide to buy a humidifier, we suggest you invest a little more money in a quality product that will serve you for a long time. A good quality humidifier should work automatically, without you having to actively participate in its operation. Another significant advantage is the feature of adjusting the device’s operation to the conditions inside the apartment. It’s a good idea to check out if a device comes with any protections (cheap humidifiers without protections might break if they run out of water in the tank).

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