fungus in the washing machine

Updated : Feb 12, 2020 in Health at home

Fungus in the washing machine: how to get rid of it?

It is not limescale that makes the greatest enemy of washing machines. It’s pretty easy to remove, which sadly cannot be said about fungus.

In a Humid environment, fungus has perfect conditions for reproduction. The insides of household washing machines tend to be their favorite breeding grounds, just like walls and ceiling in the bathroom. Which makes it a good idea to check up the condition of your washing machine once in a while. The fungal residue is most likely to appear on the rubber flange or in the detergent drawer. And once it does appear, it starts to spread. It may even cover parts of the drum.

How does fungus impact your health?

According to multiple specialists, fungi and molds are responsible for a substantial part of different kinds of infections. Plenty of people don’t realize how harmful fungus is to the human body. First and foremost, it secretes toxic substances called mycotoxins that weaken the functioning of immune system.

Fungus in the washing machine: it spreads over to the clothes you wear, the linens you sleep in, and puts you at risk of persistent repetitive allergies, infections and diseases. Constant exposure to fungal germs is particularly dangerous to small children, as their immune system hasn’t yet developed enough to protect them from harmful Bacteria, viruses and other Microorganisms. That’s why washing machine fungus needs to be removed as soon as possible.

What not to do?

A washing machine that’s been infected with fungus emits unpleasant smell that settles on laundry, even when using top quality Detergents and fabric softeners. Plenty of people close the washing machine door and shut the detergent drawer to prevent the unpleasant smell from spreading all over the bathroom. But that only makes things worse, as it makes the inside of the washing machine even more humid, which promotes development of mold and fungus.

fungus in the washing machine

How to take care of the washing machine?

It is much easier and cheaper to prevent fungus from developing than to battle it. After each washing, we should leave the drum door open, the same with the detergent drawer, so that the inside of the washing machine dries faster. It’s also a good idea to open the window if the weather outside permits.

It is worth noting that certain types of washing Detergents are more harmful than others. Washing powders, for example, after using the washing machine for some time start to accumulate in its cords or even the drawer, providing favorable conditions for fungus to develop. A better solution seems to be washing liquids and pods, at least when it comes to the device’s hygiene.

Every once in a while we should remove the drawer and clean it thoroughly using the right Detergents. Not all washing machines, though, have their drawers constructed in a way that allows to remove them and put them back in. It is better to check it before buying. Another element that has to be cleaned relatively regularly is the filter, which collects bigger pieces of waste.

How to battle fungus?

If fungus has already appeared in the washing machine, there is nothing left to do but take extreme measures. It’s not likely that automatic cleaning programs will help here. The first thing to do is choose strong Detergents that remove dirt. Preferably those intended specifically for removal of fungi and molds. If the fungus doesn’t budge, it is nice to use even stronger preparations usually used in constructions and containing large amounts of Chlorine.

Remember to exercise caution when using products of this type. Before the use, refer to the leaflet. And after the application, it is the best to get the room with the washing machine ventilated and to move to a different part of the apartment so that you don’t breathe in the chemicals.

In certain cases, even the strongest preparations won’t be able to defeat fungus. That’s when the entire rubber flange has to be replaced. It is worth noting, though, that this solution may not help either if fungus has already found home in the cords.

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