ecological cleaning supplies

Updated : Mar 04, 2021 in Health at home

What to replace chemical detergents with?

The Chemical cleaning supplies available on store shelves seem to be irreplaceable in battling dirt and impurities. But is there really nothing they can be replaced with?

Detergents and health

And is there even any point ditching such detergents? We don’t want to lump all products together here – there are solutions available with different compositions that are more or less friendly to the human body and the environment. The fact still remains, however, that a vast majority of chemical detergents you use for cleaning may be harmful to your health.

The negative impact of Chemical cleaning supplies on human body has been proven by scientific research. Such detergents contain a lot of substances harmful to our health. And the kind of effect they allow to achieve can also be achieved using more ecological solutions. Perfect substitutes for chemical detergents, ecological cleaning supplies are: vinegar, lemon, baking soda and salt.

Chemical detergents are harmful to your furniture!

Chemical detergents pose a threat not only to your health but also to the furniture, appliances as well as surfaces you clean with them. Corrosive substances included in such solutions, besides dirt, also remove a protective layer of certain items and Impact their texture. Even if such impact remains unnoticeable after a few uses, over time, as we continue using detergents regularly, we can notice inevitable signs of their damaging nature: scratches, loss of shine, porous surfaces.

What makes it a good idea to ditch chemicals?

An ecological alternative to chemical, store-bought detergents are the following products: vinegar, lemon, baking soda and salt. When using them, we can remove most stains. Ecological cleaning supplies don’t leave an intense, irritating smell behind, they are safe for our skin and don’t wear off our furniture nor floors.


Lemons can be used for more than just consumption. On top of being a rich source of vitamin C, they also make a great cleaning agent. Lemon has antiseptic and decontaminating properties, it contains large amounts of organic acids that are great at handling different types of residue, such as limescale. With use of lemons or citric acid (can be bought at nearly any grocery store) you can clean the inside of a kettle. Thanks to the lemon’s Whitening properties, it can also be used to clean glass ware and remove unpleasant odors from a fridge.

ecological cleaning supplies

Baking soda

Baking soda is a 100% natural substance and it’s good for health and the environment. Thanks to its unique properties, it has plenty of uses. It is used in cake leavening for example, but it may also be used as an ecological detergent. Baking soda gets oily stains out of fabrics, removes unpleasant odors, makes it possible to get bathroom fittings spotlessly clean. It is irreplaceable in cleaning the joints between tiles.


Chemical detergents, which are so plentiful on store shelves these days, haven’t always been around. Back in the day, dirt and impurities were dealt with using other methods. Most of Homemade solutions were based on one main ingredient – vinegar. No other natural agent can match vinegar in terms of effectiveness, as it has strong bactericidal properties. Vinegar works perfectly for cleaning the bathroom, tabletops and kitchen appliances. That way you can get rid of limescale and even the most cleaning-resistant residues.


Salt has its uses not only in the kitchen. This worldwide famous condiment makes a perfect decontaminating, abrasive, disinfecting and cleaning agent. A salt and lemon juice solution Can work miracles: get blood or red wine stains out, remove patina out of silverware, make jewelry shine. And if you also add baking soda and water to the mix, you can remove all kinds of dirt, even the most dried up, the kind that chemical detergents cannot handle.

Natural cleaning agents make a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical detergents. Unlike the latter, they don’t damage skin nor furniture, they leave a pleasant scent, and they’re cheaper too. It’s a perfect option for enthusiasts of green solutions.

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