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The abstrakte.eu is a reliable source of information on different types of ailments, diseases and ways to take care of your own health. Here you will find both guidebook-type articles as well as reviews for different health-related products.

You will find out how to deal with specific ailments, how to prevent them, which preparations work and which ones don’t yield the expected results. A substantial part of the articles relates to home remedies for different symptoms. Plenty of space is occupied by content related to workplace health issues.

All the materials published on the website are a result of thorough and reliable research, which means you can be sure you’re getting your knowledge from a proven source.

I’ve been teaching fitness classes for 5 years now. On top of group classes, I am also a personal trainer. I also offer advice on the Internet on healthy lifestyle. I love to exercise and talk to people, so I couldn’t possibly dream of a better job. The greatest joy to me is when one of my students has indeed changed their life. To me doing sports in not just about wanting to lose weight. Regular exercise allows you to live a healthy life and enjoy good condition. That’s why it is important for me to motivate everyone who works with me. There’s no point doing sports only until you reach your goal weight. Your entire effort might go to waste because of that. Make sport part of your daily routine! Because of my job, I don’t get many chances to get my makeup done. Which is a shame, because makeup is another passion of mine. To my joy, a lot of my friends ask me to do their makeup for different occasions. I always oblige.

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